Myriam Alter

About me

Myriam Alter received classical music training starting from the age of 8. Being very involved with her studies (graduating from high school, then getting a licence for psychology at the University of Brussels), she stopped practising her instrument at the age of 15. After her studies first she worked in an advertising agency for seven years.

 Then, without really being aware of it, she returned to the search of music by opening a dancing school which she managed for another seven years. 

At 36 she picked up her instrument again and soon discovered her skills as a brilliant composer with an individual approach to romantic moods. (...) Coming from a Judeo-Spanishfamily (Sephardic Jews), Myriam Alter was raised with all kinds of musics such as Latin, Italian, Oriental, Spanish, South American and classical. As a piano player she was trained in classical music, but later found her way into jazz. 

Myriam Alter first formed a quartet, then a quintet together with Belgian musicians. After gaining some practical experience, she began to write her own music. When she started to feel comfortable with her music and got recognition for it, she decided to record a first album with Ben Sluys (B) on saxophone, Gino Lattuca (B) on trumpet, Michel Benita (F) on bass, Jan de Haes (B) on drums and herself on piano. 

As this album was successful, it was followed by another one with the same musicians except Stefan Lievestro (H) playing bass instead of Michel Benita. The second album also got very good reviews. The press emphazised especially Myriam's ability for composing. 

So the idea of making an international album occurred. "Alter Ego" was recorded in New York in 1997 with Billy Drewes (USA) on sax and clarinet, Ron Miles (USA) on trumpet, Kenny Werner (USA) on piano, Marc Johnson (USA) on bass and Joey Baron (USA) on drums. While Myriam left the piano seat to Kenny Werner, the quintet only played Myriam's compositions. 

Then came the time to write music that would really express "who she was". The resulting album was called "If" (2002), a worldwide success, with Dino Saluzzi (bandoneon), John Ruocco (clarinet), Kenny Werner (piano), Greg Cohen (bass) and Joey Baron (drums). 

In 2007, come the release of "Where is There" with Jaques Morelenbaum (cello), John Ruocco (clarinet), Pierre Vaiana (soprano sax,), Salvatore Bonafede (piano), Greg Cohen (bass) and Joey Baron (drums).